Relieve your eyes from computer strain  Lower the risk of visual dysfunction and blindness  Preserve your beauty by reducing number of wrinkles

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  • The system truly works. Only pre oprder backers will get exclusive version of the product much earlier than others and at a much better price.

  • 8 Seconds is the only system designed to interact with the internal eye muscles to instantly relieve stress and eye fatigue pain.

  • On a bright color screen, you can select one of 16 programs and one of 8 notification intervals to choose the most suitable for any situation.

  • Beautiful box makes 8 Seconds glasses a perfect gift not only for yourself, but for all the people who matter in your life.

  • The eyeglasses come with a sky-blue cover of soft velvet fabric to protect the glasses.

  • You can easily charge glasses through USB with unique reliable and convenient magnetic socket.

  • The unique mobile app allows you to check your visual acuity so you can track your progress.

  • And the editor allows you to create your own training programs and share them with friends.

  • The system truly works. At the end of an intense day, when you feel tired and your eyes hurt, just put on the 8 Seconds Glasses and feel your pain disappear.

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